Limestone House Community and Visitors Centre is home to many and varied services. We hope that many people will benefit from the services we provide. If you think another service would be a useful addition for the local community, please contact us.

Services already on offer include:

  • Limestone House joined ‘Star Partners’ in 2015 . Julie or Sarah at Limestone House can provide help and support  to people to launch any ideas they have for improving the ‘Big Local area’. If you live in a the ‘Big Local’ area of Elmton,  Creswell, and Hodthorpe and want more information please contact us on 01909 724061.
  • Advisory Services attend every Thursday afternoon from 1.00pm to 3.30pm
  • Training in Skills for Work (subject to funding)
    • Free Training through Work experience
    • TFree raining through Volunteering
    • Free Training in Community Work for the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme
    • Free Training in ‘Communications on Computers’

        . Job Club and 2 Community Computers

  • Help with Reading and Writing – please contact us for more information.