Julie’s Diary News


Julie Holling is the Chairman of Elmton and Creswell Village Company at the  Limestone House Community and Visitor Centre

Charity No: 1128286

Julie has been a Volunteer Trustee at Limestone House Community and Visitor Centre since 2003 and became Chairman of the Village Company on 7/12/ 2005.

A lot of work goes on in Limestone House ‘behind the scenes’ and Julie’s Diary tells   you briefly about the on going work to benefit the Community and the Locality:


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Updated 9/5/17

Councillor Duncan McGregor has awarded £750 to Limestone House (Elmton and Creswell Village Company) to support the enhancement of the Limestone House Music Club and has also awarded £2190 to enable members of the Community/Locality  to gain a qualification in Skills for Work. Free Courses are now advertised: and will take place in Limestone House from 9.30 am to 4pm as follows:-

Food Safety on Thursday, 25/5/17

First Aid at Work on Thursday, 8/6/17

Health and Safety on Friday, 23/6/17

Book in now. Contact 01909 724061


Updated on 24/4/2017

20170419_095921 (1)

Julie, on behalf of the Trustees at Limestone House,  received the award of £1716 from  Matthew Chambers, the Manager of Creswell Co-operative Store.  See details below:-

The Creswell and Whitwell Co-operative Store members joined forces to raise money for ‘local causes’ and the funds were raised through the 5p carrier bag charge along with a 1% dividend donation.  The Charitable Company Limestone House was one of three ‘local causes’ which were awarded funding from the Co-operative.  Limestone House was awarded £1716.00 which will be used for the further development of the current Music Club to a Music Centre at Limestone House.

Thank you to the Co-operative Stores and their  members for the Award made to Limestone House, Creswell


Sunday morning Music lessons acontinue from 9.30am to 1pm. If you wish to join Contact Julie on 01909 724061

The photograph below shows members of the Limestone House Music Club listening  to a presentation of a wide choice of Music.      If you wish to join                           contact Julie on 01909 724061

The Music Club 2017

Already on Monday mornings members of the Limestone House Music Club listen to a wide range of Music from 10.30a.m to 12noon and on Sunday mornings, from  9.30a m to 1pm, music lessons are given (at a cost of £2) on Drum Kit and on Brass Band instruments (thanks to instruments loaned by Bolsover District Council and the Elmton and Creswell Parish Council).  New learners and players who wish to improve their playing skills are welcome.  Contact Julie on 01909 724061 to Book  lessons. The purpose of the development of a Music Centre at Limestone House is to give an opportunity, at low cost, to members of the Community and Locality to join the Music Club and enjoy listening to a wide range of Music or to learn to play a Musical instrument or to improve their playing skills. The benefits of this project will reduce Social Exclusion, include a wide range of ages, assist Community development, promote Health and Wellbeing, raise achievements and aspirations and improve other life skills through mixing with all ages in a Social Arena  through  the Limestone House Music Club 


5/1/17: Elmton and Creswell Village Company is now a member of Fare Share and on Thursday evenings I collect surplus food from Tesco and this free food is  distributed appropriately on Fridays from 10am in Limestone House.  After receiving the food tonight I went back into Tesco to do a little shopping and went through the automated check out assisted by a very pleasant young man. I asked him what time he left work and he said at 10 o’clock then he was going to get his feet up. I said you should be so lucky as I had to work on the Computer. He then asked me if I was the lady who runs Limestone House at Creswell (unaware that I had just collected the Food share). I said I was and he said he thought he had recognised me and he had been on Work Experience at Limestone House when he was 14 ( I guess that was about 6 years ago). I felt really pleased when  he had told me that, feeling he must have had a positive experience when he trained at Limestone House to have bothered to  mention it to me.

1/1/2017:-Looking back at 2016:- Elmton and Creswell Village Company has had a Positive year :-

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust funded a Business  Consultant to work with the ECVC Trustees to prepare a Business Plan which ECVC now follows.  A Music Club started which includes Monday Music Presentations and Sunday Music Lessons. We employ 3 part time Staff and have 24 Volunteers working in Limestone House to support the Community. Thanks to Big Local funding to benefit the Community, new Laptops have been purchased by ECVC and training in IT is delivered on Wednesdays from 3.30pm.

ECVC is also involved with other partners: Public Health, DCC Adult Education in the Connect Creswell project, ECVC has re- engaged as a member of Enable so that there will be opportunities in the future for  training to lead to a Qualification.  We aim to extend the Kitchen at Limestone House, subject to funding.

ECVC is not a Self Employed business working for profit, as the status of the Elmton and Creswell Village Company (ECVC) is a ‘Charitable Company’ and all the ECVC income raised for the Community is put back into the many Free Community Activities and to cover expensive overheads at Limestone House. In 2016 we have raised our income through the Café, the Charity Shops, Room Hire, the Second hand Book Shop and Fund raising. The income we raise enables many ‘free’ activities to benefit the Community and any surplus income is used for further activities to benefit the Community

30/12/16: 2 weeks ago, at the Tuesday Job Club, a lady who has recently moved into Creswell ,called in for support in Job Search and preparing a CV. Having previous work experience as a Carer I advised her to contact a local Nursing Home and to take in her new CV and gave her directions to the Nursing Home as she didn’t know the area. Last week she called into Limestone House to advise me that she had gained an interview and yesterday she called in to tell me that she had been successful in gaining a job at the Nursing Home. Great news indeed!!. During 2016 we have been able to support 7 unemployed people into work through training in Work Experience at Limestone House, and through training a young person in Office/Admin work which was  sponsored through the Talent Match project.

29/11/16: I gave a  presentation at the Doe Lea Community Centre about the Elmton and Creswell Village Company’s beginnings in 2001 as a Social Enterprise and the Community work undertaken since.

14/11/16: 5 residents at the Whitwell Care Home attended with their Carers the Limestone House Luncheon Club

30/10/16: A Proms Concert was held in the Creswell Social Centre to raise funds towards the Transport Costs for bringing in members of the Luncheon Clubs at Limestone House

3/9/16: The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme:-on Saturday mornings a student comes into Limestone House and works with me on a variety of tasks to learn more about   Community Work

21/9/16:EC Village Company became a member of Enable.


19th July 2016: 2 students, with their support team, from Stubbin Wood School came into Limestone House today to gain experience in Community Work. They designed and made Posters to promote:  the Job Club on Tuesdays from 1.30pm to 3pm, The Evening opening on Tuesdays and Thursdays  from 6pm to 8pm and the ‘Free Pizza and Garlic Bread’ evening on Thursday 21st July. They also designed and made posters about the Training Course, on-going on Wednesdays in Limestone House from 3.30pm to 6pm, in Basic Computer work, learning to E mail and work on line on the Computer. This Course is more accessible than others we have organised in the past because the age for attending the course is from school leaving age with no upper age limit and the learner does not have to be signing on for  benefits  ( the funders criteria in the past) to be able to attend this course so book in now to join in

18th July 2016: The Annual General Meeting took place on Monday, 18th July 2016 at 6.30pm in Limestone House. Apologies were noted  and the 2015 AGM Minutes were approved with no matters arising. Julie Holling delivered the Chairman’s report, the Annual Finance report and an update with regard to the sale of Limestone House,20 Elmton Rd Creswell. These reports were adopted. The current Community Trustees we re-elected: Karen Freeman, Julie Holling,  Geoffrey Mallyon, Daphne Row and Andrew Slater.Any Other Business:  Julie paid tribute to the support given to the Elmton and Creswell Village Company over the years by member Colin Russell who has passed away. Terry Foye thanked ECVC on behalf of the Genealogy Club. Barbara Kirsop congratulated the Board on their work for the Community. Julie reminded all to book early for their Christmas dinners in Limestone House. The meeting closed at 7.50pm.


Jimmy Wells is  a Special Advisor attending the Board meetings.

A student from Netherthorpe School has joined Limestone House for 1 week for Work Experience

June 2016 :While I was on holiday at the East Coast Jimmy Wells ran the Music Club with a Karaoke and I’m told much fun was had by all. A student from Heritage chool has joined Limestone House for 2 weeks for Work Experience

The Elmton and Creswell Business Plan for the next 3 years is completed. Coalfields Regeneration Trust funded a Business Consultant and Peter Gledhill, after  meetings with the Trustees, produced the Business Plan.

Bolsover District Council’s Health and Wellbeing group has granted the Village Company a £1000 grant for Transport,to bring in those with Mobility problems to the Music Club and Luncheon Club on Mondays also  £1000 for Transport to the Luncheon Club on Fridays. Clowne and District Community Transport deliver this Bus Service.

May 2016:- From 1/3/2016 to 22/5/16 10 Stubbin Wood School Students have been coming into Limestone House one day a week for Experience in Work. This is the first such project for Limestone House and we were introduced to the School by Clare Talati of Derbyshire Education Business Partnership. Team 10 worked in a variety of roles under supervision and 0n 3/5/16, after interview in school for each  job,  came in and rehearsed their role for  a take over day in Limestone House on 10th May with the aim to raise  more income for our Community  Work. Team 10 helped to organise the fundraising for the Brass Band Concert on 22nd May 2016 and served refreshments to members of the audience. (The sandwiches were donated by Greencore, Worksop). All the team were delighted to be presented with Certificates about their experience in work at the Band Concert.


Saturday, 12/3/16   

Opened up Limestone House at 9am, Saturday morning. I am covering the kitchen this morning at Limestone House as our regular Volunteer is ill also I’m

  • Training a young man ( M) in Community Work for his Duke of Edinburgh award and
  • Supervising a young lady (B) who is attending College and does Community Work in Limestone House on Saturday mornings.

(M) is doing office work: bringing the Accounts book up to date for the last two weeks ready for details to be entered onto the spread sheet. This is only the second time he has done this task and he did it very well with little supervision.

(B) used the ticket template, made by the Stubbin Wood School Student for the Brass Band Concert on 22nd May, and made 200 tickets to sell. (M) helped her to guillotine them so they will be on sale very shortly. The Elmton with Creswell Local History Group come into Limestone House on Saturday mornings often meeting with people who bring in Memorabilia or others who want to know more about the Heritage of Elmton and Creswell. Our Volunteer Denice, who works some days in the week, is also working extra hours to help today. The Easter Display in the shop window looks great,(thanks to our Volunteer Emma) and Raffle tickets are on sale for the seven donated Easter Eggs and the Easter raffle will be drawn around lunch time on Monday, 21st March.

Monday 14/3/16

As usual Clowne and District Community Transport collected our Music Club and Luncheon Club members.The Music Club started at 10.30am with a record of the Folk Song: ‘The little shirt my mother made for me’ then Nat King Cole singing Mona Lisa and Lost April. Member Roy Longbottom’s CD went down really well with 8 items from ’50 years of the greatest Singles’. These were followed by a ‘golden oldie’ record of Paul Robeson singing Ol’ Man River and ‘Trees’ also ‘Songs my Mother Taught me’, followed by A Russian Folk Song called Night, and The Rosary. Daphne Row loaned a CD of the Dinnington Brass Band called , ‘A Band for Britain’ and we listened to : Death or Glory, Floral Dance, Jerusalem and Slaidburn. To close the programme we listened to ‘The Essential Kiri’ singing Ave Maria and You’ll never Walk Alone.The Luncheon Club meal was Corned beef pie with veg and roast potatoes followed by a Fruit Flan and Cream.Now onto the Chairman’s work and office work :- Company’s House need the ECVC Annual return so on line I go into Webfiling, complete and submit. I receive an acknowledgement and a bill for £13.00. Work Pensions next: compulsory from 1/4/16 so I’ve already had a meeting with the 4 Staff to inform them about ECVC’s legal responsibilities on this and the opportunity to pay into a Pension Scheme and I also informed them about the Living Wage from 1/4/16. I’ve also researched many Insurance Companies with regard to Work Pensions. The findings have been discussed at the board meeting. In addition to the Employer’s percentage contribution towards the Pension there is also an Employer’s Fee to pay. I have now enrolled ECVC with an Insurance Company for the Work Pensions.

Tuesday 15/3/16: I didn’t manage to attend the CVP Fighting Poverty Forum morning meeting as I have laryngitis so I continued to catch up with my E mails and the chairman’s communications and managed to ‘weed’ some old documents from the cabinets to relieve the storage in the office. It was great to see as group of young parents calling in to Limestone House for breakfast after taking their children to school.

A priority today is the reviewing and updating of the Risk Assessments for all ECVC jobs:- Office, Retail, Cleaner, Cafe/ Kitchen and Lone working. I was looking forward to Stubbin Wood School students, accompanied by a teacher, coming in at  1pm to continue with Community work but unfortunately their visit has had to be postponed as  many Staff at Stubbin Wood School are off ill. I worked in the kitchen from 3pm to closing.

Wednesday 16/3/16: I went along to the Warehouse for essential Kitchen and Luncheon Club supplies and collected 2 sacks of potatoes from the local grocer. I went home early today.

Thursday 17/3/16: I went to the Supermarkets for essential kitchen supplies, then back into the office to work. I calculated the Staff wages with a new Volunteer who wants to train in office work and managed to do a bit more weeding of the office cabinet drawers. Staff and Volunteers  worked in the shops and Kirstie the cook made some of her famous Cookies in between making a full English Breakfast for Customers

Friday 18/3/16

Luncheon Club members enjoyed their lunch of corned beef plate pie and the   sweet  was   fruit flan and cream. They also enjoyed talking to the group of visiting walkers who were having a break from their walk following the old railway lines. Railways are their interest.  Our Co-ordinator Sarah ( A) became cook as Kirstie our cook finishes after the Luncheon Club on Fridays. Thanks to our brilliant Staff and Volunteers:- Sarah (A), Marlene, Sarah V and Denice with ‘all hands on deck’ the Walking Group were not kept waiting for their food. Some lovely comments were made by them in the Visitors book. Glynn from Totley said ‘very friendly, Chris from Eckington said ‘Excellent Service’ Gary from Hady, Chesterfield said     ‘Excellent’ as did David Smith from Criche, Keith from Calow said ‘great reception’, Alan from Brampton, Chesterfield said ‘Great Food, Great laugh’ and Vic from Calow said ‘very friendly service’. They are back in the area next week and hope to call in.


Monday 7th March 2016:    

Clowne  and District Community Transport deliver Luncheon Club members to Limestone House:-

Music Club  (room hire is funded by the Star Partners) from 10.30am to 12noon:-

Members enjoyed Teas, Coffees or Hot chocolate and music from;-

Andre Rieu at the Royal Albert Hall: 6 songs from ‘Roll back the years’ to the 1950s: 6 Songs from Jackie Evansho , the 10 year old  American singer: 2 songs from the Welsh Choir ‘Songs from the Valleys: Bodmin Brass Band’s ’ Light as Air’ (the Bass Trombone Player is Andrew Rice formerly from Creswell, who started playing with the Creswell Junior Band), and to much amusement the music presentation ended with’ I’ve got a brand new Combine Harvester’ by the The Wurzels.

We were introduced to the new member of Big Local Staff on her first day: Elaine Swales who has  joined the Big Local Co-ordinator Sue Pond in the Room 3 office at Limestone House.

Trevor, a representative from Chesterfield ‘Sight Support Derbyshire’, gave a brief presentation about the  sight  support services offered by that organisation during the interval at the Music Club. Leaflets are held in Limestone House.  Their telephone number is 01246 551727.

Meanwhile, as our Cook was on Annual Leave, Sarah Akyol, the Co-ordinator of Day to Day activities, took over the Cooking assisted by Sharon Easy. Volunteers: Denice, Jen,  Lykke  looked  after the Charity Shop and  the Luncheon Club members, giving a high standard of  Customer Service.

The Luncheon Club members enjoyed their two course meal of a Roast Chicken dinner followed by Rice Pudding.

Lots of items, including many toys were donated throughout the day. Thank you to all who donated items as the income from items sold is vital to sustain Limestone House so that all in the Community and Visitors coming into the area can benefit from using the facilities at Limestone House.

Tuesday 8th March

Business as usual: Regular Customers call in for a full English Breakfast. The Café becomes very busy and our Cook Kirstie made her home- made Chocolate Chip Cookies as ‘ Kirstie’s Cookies’  are always in demand. Volunteers Denice, Donna and Tammy looked  after the Charity Shop and Customers. We received a Telephone call from the Garage ordering 6 Take Away Breakfasts which they will collect in ’10 minutes’.. no pressure then Kirstie!!!!.

1pm:- 3 students and their Teacher from Stubbin Wood School,  Shirebrook come into Limestone House to help in the business as part of an ongoing project to 22nd May 2016. Posters and Tickets about the Brass Band Concert on 22/5/15 were prepared on Computer by these Students. The Tea Time Brass Band Concert in Creswell Social Centre will be presented jointly by the Limestone House Community and Visitor Centre and Stubbin Wood School. Items for Sale on E Bay are photographed by a Student ready for selling these on line. This will extend our recycling which is ongoing in the two Charity Shops and second hand Bookshop in Limestone House

Volunteer Trustee, Kathy Coleman  runs the ‘Drop in Job club’ from 1.30pm to 3.30pm.

A Customer tells me that she likes the upstairs Charity Shop. “ It’s like an Aladdin’s Cave” Volunteers, Tammy, Donna and Denice look after the Charity shops and Customers.

Wednesday 9th March 2016

Film Tutor Peter Simpson is filming at  Carmanhay with  students who are trained with Bridge Trustees Daphne Row and I set off early, 6.30am to Chesterfield Station to pick up the Train for York, to attend  a Star Partner’s event at the Bar Convent at 9.30pm to 1pm. The weather was horribly wet but the event was well worth attending. Several ‘Social Entrepreneurs’ explained their business and they  were all driven by a passion to support and help others with the support of  Unltd- Star Partners.

In Limestone House Staff Sarah Akyol, Kirstie Cook  and Volunteers; Marie, Marlene and Emma continued  with the daily ‘business as usual: Charity Shops, Café , Heritage Centre’

Thursday, 10th March 2016

The Genealogy Group met at 10am to 12noon researching their Family Tree.

The Derbyshire Unemployed Worker Advisory Services Representative met with people to resolve their Benefit issues at Limestone House from 1pm to 3.30pm. This surgery is held weekly in Room 6.

The Bolsover District Council Environmental Officer called in to complete his  report of a Food Hygiene and Safety Inspection Regulation (EC) and advised that a Certificate will be sent which will continue to be the highest standard (Very Good) i.e Number 5.

Staff and Volunteers Sharon, Denice, Marlene, Emma and Marie continued with the ‘daily business’ as usual: Charity Shops, Café , Heritage Centre’. Shopping after closing for Café and Luncheon Club supplies

Friday,   11th March

Luncheon Club members were delivered to Limestone House by the Clowne and District Community Transport. The majority of the cost of the Transport for both Luncheon Club days is met by a grant from the Bolsover Partnership Health and Well Being project. Fundraising events are organised e.g the Brass Band Concerts to contribute towards the remaining cost of the Transport.

A member of the Luncheon Club has won the weekly 100+ Club Draw £11.50. The 100+ Club is drawn every Friday morning and besides the weekly draw there is a Summer Draw of around £250 and a Christmas Draw of approximately £550.  Anyone wishing to join the draw can call into Limestone House and complete the membership form.

Staff and Volunteers Denice, Emma, Marlene and Sarah (V) continue  with the daily ‘business as usual: Charity Shops, Café , Heritage Centre’ and serving the Luncheon Club members with their meal.