Big Local

Elmton, Creswell and Hodthorpe Big Local has received £1,000,000 from the Lottery. The project has an Action Group made up entirely of local residents who are looking for projects to support. To find out more amount Big Local click here.

Elmton, Creswell and Hodthrope Big Local, YOUR Big Local has agreed its budget for 2016, around £160,000.

In addition to the projects listed below, YOUR Big Local will continue to develop its communications and community engagement work to try and make everyone aware of Big Local; it is looking at obtaining its own premises to put Big Local at the heart of the Village and is working with BT to bring super fast Broadband to everyone.

And the Small Grants scheme will continue. Have you seen the football team playing on Fox Green in their new kit purchased through a small grant from Big Local?

Projects in the pipeline for 2016.

If you have any projects you would like YOUR Big Local to think about please get in touch.

Increasing Community Spirit       

  1. Summer holiday family trips.
  2. Christmas events in Creswell, Hodthorpe and Elmton.
  3. Halloween events.
  4. A Big Local night out.
  5. Hodthorpe scarecrow festival.
  6. A summer holiday film club.

Environmental Improvements

  1. The clean-up work particularly in Creswell will continue through 2016.
  2. Creswell Church wall will be repaired and pointed.
  3. The Notice Boards in Creswell and Elmton will be repaired and updated.
  4. Three allotments in Creswell are being cleared and prepared for a major ‘Grow your Own’ project.

Improving the Local Economy

  1. Supporting people into work through a Traineeship / Apprenticeship scheme.
  2. An investigation into the feasibility of establishing a caravan and camping park, and the feasibility of Your Big Local renovating properties to rent.

Improving facilities and activities for younger and older people in the Community.

  1. Set up of an after school club in Hodthrope School – ‘The Little Monday Club’.
  2. Set up of a ‘Getting Creative’ group.
  3. Development of a partnership with Limestone House to ‘Bring the Generations Together’.

Some of the things YOUR BIG LOCAL did in 2015.

Provided funds along with Hodthrope and Belph PC to enable the Christmas lights to be switched on for Christmas.

And ……..

1. Recruited a paid coordinator.
2. Funded Christmas lantern making and Sven, the reindeer that led the 2014 Christmas parade.
3. Contributed to major funding obtained by Elmton with Creswell Parish Council for the complete refurbishment of the Play Areas in Creswell.
4. Invested in a local business, Coloured Cobs Equestrian Centre, by jointly funding the set up of a Carriage Driving section to the already thriving business.
5. Set up a Traineeship Scheme in partnership with Bolsover District Council, Heritage School and local businesses to give young people a 5 month training and work experience opportunity.
6. Funded three trips to the coast and local parks in partnership with Surestart.
7. Funded the Black Diamond sporting teams to get new kit.
8. Funded the Infants School to get new goal posts.
9. Funded Elmton Community Association to help the purchase of new well dressing boards and to fund help for Hodthorpe School.
10. Funded new kitchen equipment at Limestone House.
11. Set up a Youth Engagement initiative using a professional youth worker.
12. Set up a grants scheme for anyone who has a good idea to increase community spirit, improve the local environment, increase leisure activities or improve local business.

So what next? There is still a big load of the £1,000,000 left! Ideas to